Violin Case


The RIMOWA × GEWA Violin Case unites the unique expertise of two historic German brands in a limited-edition piece.

Made to be the ultimate case for professional musicians or music enthusiasts, it is designed to protect your instrument while on the move.


Crafted from durable anodised grooved aluminium, the RIMOWA × GEWA Violin Case in Silver features high-gloss aluminium corners, a leather handle and a crossbody strap for easy carrying. Melding exceptional craftsmanship with technical solutions, the luxurious interior in black microfiber has been thoughtfully designed to address the needs of the most discerning musicians.


Suited for violin sizes 4/4 and 3/4, the case is equipped with a padded neck pad allowing for adjustability to a violin’s length, a hygrometer and a humidifier to control the case’s humidity levels, a string tube, an accessories storage compartment and a protective blanket for the instrument.


It comes empty so you can store your own violin.

Made in Germany.


Please factor in a longer shipment time as the violin case is the result of an exclusive collaboration. Thank you for your understanding.