Twelve Bottle Case


Designed to both display and protect bottles whilst in motion, the RIMOWA Twelve Bottle Case is the ultimate piece for wine connoisseurs.



Made from anodised grooved aluminium, the Twelve Bottle Case in Silver features high-gloss aluminium corners and a black leather handle and tag. Inside, a luxurious interior in black contrasts with the gleaming silver exterior.


Melding exceptional craftsmanship with technical skill, the case is equipped with a clever system of a padded cushion with varied thickness that adapts to the bottle’s size, allowing to hold any standard silhouette of wine bottles – from Bordeaux to Bourgogne – as well as wider champagne bottles.

Whilst it is open, the case can be stabilized thanks to two retractible feet and during transport, two safety bars secure bottles in space.


It comes empty so you can choose your own bottle to store in it.


Made in Germany.